How much is a Copier Lease?

How much does it cost to lease a copier?
The average cost associated with a copier lease is between $65.00 and $900.00 per month.
I can understand that the answer seems confusing; why such a wide range, why so expensive when I can purchase a printer for around $100.00 at a retail store?
Well, we will answer those questions and more.
First, let us take a moment and think about that $100.00 printer from the office store. The printer by design is for mild usage; the single parent only prints a few documents a year, or the small home business that prints a few invoices a month. These multi-function units work well for these businesses and individuals. There is no need to scan large packets or copy multi-page documents, and those printers meet those modest needs. Now some would say, “well, I’ll just buy the 500-dollar laser printer, which will be just fine.” This idea works for some businesses and individuals; however, industry experience has shown that when you purchase the laser cartridges and your print volume exceeds 1500 copy prints per month, you are spending more per copy. If you work with solid copier dealers locally, you can often find a high-quality refurbished multi-function copier and reduce your monthly print cost by half. The dark side of the low-cost machine you purchase online two-fold. First the cost to print a standard letter size page of text. Often this is four or five cents for black text and fourteen to twenty-four cents per page for color. Second the multi-functions. Frequently the systems added to these printing devices are sub-par. They cannot handle even modest scanning, faxing, or copying. A single page or two, sure, but beyond that, and you lose the most valuable resource, we all have TIME.
Now let’s look at a proper office copier. Why do these range so widely in cost? Pricing on these Copiers can range from $4000 – $35,000. This price varies so much because these Copiers have a wide array of options for each unit, and just like the car you drive varies in pricing depending on the features, Copiers work the same way.  The “speeds and feeds” or print speed and scanning speed will significantly impact pricing but so well many other items. Data Security kits, for example, this is a must-have item for nearly every business to ensure that items scanned and printed cannot be stolen by phishing schemes or data breaches elsewhere on your network. Many copier dealers will leave out the security kit and not even tell customers, make sure you ask for that on every Copier. When you get into features on the machines again, this can add to the price tag stapling, hole punch, folding. These options make a difference, so it is crucial to work with someone that takes time to access your needs so that you are not spending on items you do not need and that you are aware of the features that can save you time and help be more efficient.
What does it cost to lease a Copier?
Beyond the price, for the Copier, you must take time to consider maintenance or service. I mentioned the cost per copy above and can see again that that varies a great deal. When you lease or purchase an office Copier from a local dealer, you can receive service as part of your agreement. Service is usually part of the cost per copy. That means you are saving twice. Almost always, you will spend less per copy when your business needs require a commercial Copier, but when you combine that with the service included, you now get the peace of mind that the Copier will work for the lease term without long downtimes and delays. How is it that your local dealer can do this? Well, that’s simple buying power. When you purchase toner in large volumes, you save. Dealers use that savings to help you reduce your costs while simultaneously earning enough to maintain your machine, parts, labor, and the remaining overhead to keep the dealership running.  Considering this, you can see why picking the right partner for your Copier needs is critical when leasing or buying your Copier. You want a large enough dealer to be competitive and help keep your print costs low, but also someone with the expertise and flexibility to be a good partner for your business. The last thing you want is to waste time trying to get service automated attendants or voicemails that never seem to get answered; this can happen when your dealer is too big or too small. It’s recommended that you find someone that has been in business for a while, then asking a few questions can help you feel confident about that dealer and know if they are a good fit for your business.
  1. How long will it take to get service?
    1. Within 4 hours is a great answer.
  2. How many service technicians do you have in my area?
    1. Be specific here to make sure that the dealer isn’t sending someone from hours away or having one technician for all of their customers.
  3. How many different Copier brands do you sell?
    1. This is very important, especially when it comes to service; when tech doesn’t know what Brand of Copier they are going to service, they cannot possibly stock enough parts to get you up and running quickly.
  4. Do you have a showroom?
    1. Any Copier dealer that is big enough to provide quality service will have at least a small showroom where you can test print on a machine similar to or the same as the one they are asking you to lease.
  5. What will my price be next year and the year after?
    1. This question is important because you will find that dealers will give you a great price upfront, then six months later it goes up, and again six months after that, and so on, and by the end of the lease, you can be paying some times double from where you started.