Why Kyocera Office Technology?


Why Kyocera?

Kyocera is a global technology leader, with all its products combining advanced performance with exceptional value. The number one provider of color copying solutions in the industry, Kyocera continues to innovate and bring to market new copiers, printers, multifunctional copiers, and office printers that are environmentally responsible, easy to use, and reliable with low operating costs

Where it all started

The Kyocera Corporation is the headquarters and parent company of the global Kyocera group. In 1959 in Kyoto, Japan, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, seven colleagues, began to change manufacturing. Kyocera’s founders shared a vision of creating a company dedicated to the successful manufacture and sale of innovative, high-quality products based on advanced materials and components. Over the last 60 years, the founders’ vision has driven the purpose and resulted in a highly successful and widely diversified global enterprise.

Pioneering spirit: it’s in our philosophy and our DNA

Kyocera brings the world into focus, not just words or pictures. Kyocera brings intelligence to a new level of networked knowledge, using expertise in core technologies to set your business apart from quick solutions to big ideas. Kyocera and its local dealers are passionate about data & information management, document capture, document production, and take pride in offering simple solutions that work.

It’s how we work that matters.

Kyocera Document Solutions may be global and forward-thinking, but the way Kyocera and its certified dealers work with you is personal and hand-in-hand. Kyocera’s core values help them outperform and succeed the right way. Kyocera acts responsibly, changing things for the better and respecting people and our precious environment. While others are catching up on the environmental impacts of manufacturing, Kyocera has been leading with infrastructure to reduce the ecological effects of manufacturing worldwide. This is why only Kyocera can meet your hardware and software solutions needs, prove to be your trusted, valued business partner, and make a difference for us all.

Innovation to protect our planet

Kyocera office printers are designed to meet the eco-friendly needs and environmental requirements of businesses large and small. Kyocera prides its self on developing solutions that not only eliminate printing waste but also help companies to save valuable time and money, focusing on what matters most—”our clients’ success.” Kyocera does this by delivering products that allow you to become more productive, protect your workplace from costly downtime, and save money.

Everything Begins and Ends with You

Kyocera offers an extensive range of products, but ultimately Kyocera is defined by its approach to problem-solving. Kyocera and their dealers like Gulf Business Systems believe that everything begins and ends with you. Kyocera’s printers allow small businesses to keep pace quickly with the world’s changing needs and for more significant operations to gain a competitive edge. Kyocera’s customer-centric approach to office technology allows them to continue to meet customers’ needs, large and small, across the globe.