Multi-function Copiers 

Paper size up to 8.5 x 14


Top Sellers 

CopyStar 308ci 

This impressive color copier is one of the most popular offered. This machine will perform for your growing business day in and day out. Offering high-quality color copies at 1200 x 1200 DPI along with its long-life parts and consumables, you get the best entry-level copier available on the market. Designed with small businesses in mind, this economical copier is well suited to support a small office environment. With the optional fax, stapler, and the ability to expand the paper capacity to 3000 plus pages, the CopyStar 308ci is the best color copier on the market. It will help you save hundreds over the retail printing options. 

CopyStar 408ci

Our second leading Color MFP, the 408ci, outshines the completion with all the great features of its little brother, the 308 but packing some much more. Starting at its core, the 408 comes with 4GB memory and 320GB HDD, allowing this compact performance copier goes well beyond its impressive 42 ppm print speeds. The Dual scan feeder offers up to 124 images per minute to scan up to 9999 images with its continuous scan feature build-in. When it’s time to go digital, this machine will ready to get the job done, and with its built-in memory and the Kyocera HyPas platform, you can make the transition with ease. 
        Copiers Up to 8.5 X 14