Kyocera vs Sharp

It’s hard to get a definitive answer to the question, “What’s the best office copy machine: So we are taking a look at two leaders, Sharp and Kyocera.
In this series, we will complete a side-by-side look at all the major brands and let you decide which is the best office copier for your office.
Sharp Corporation
Sharp Corporation can be traced back to 1912 when Tokuji Hayakawa invented the “Tokubijo” belt buckle. The company continued developing and made the first crystal radio in Japan1925. In the 1950s, Sharp released the first TV made in Japan and began mass production in the 1960s. In 1979 Sharp opened the first US-based manufacturing plant and became known as the top producer of microwaves and TV’s
Sharp added another “first” in the 1990s when they released the thinnest fax machine. Sharp continued to add products and is now known for its lineup of consumer and office electronics, including multifunction copiers.
Founded in 1934 as Kyoto Ceramic Company, Kyocera made a name for itself by manufacturing ceramic insulators for TV picture tubes. It quickly expanded its offerings to industrial ceramics, electronic components, and more.
Kyocera’s critical acquisition of Mita Industrial Company in 2000 allowed the company to change directions and become a leader in the photocopier business.
Kyocera known as an innovator in the technology industry added high-capacity ceramic drums to its multifunction copiers. To this day, the use of high-capacity ceramic drums in copiers sets Kyocera apart. It is one reason Kyocera is a leader in multifunction copiers—and even ceramic particles can be found in their toner to help clean drums keeping your copier running correctly longer.
Application Security And Your Copy Machine
Let’s take a moment and think about your cell phone.
You probably have either an iPhone or Android. If you love your Android, you know the benefits of an open-source operating system and a developer-friendly app store. However, if you’re on team iPhone, you know that open source isn’t as secure, and you enjoy not having to worry about downloading applications that contain malware. The same is valid with copiers operating systems.
Sharp’s Open Systems Architecture is an open, web-based platform available to countless developers. It’s a lot like Google for Android. You can shop for applications to enhance your business and install them.
Kyocera’s Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions or HyPAs operating system allows developers to build apps based on security architecture. If you’re using your office copier for sensitive items, you can leverage Kyocera’s built-in security to maintain compliance.
Hardware Servicing
Choosing the right partner can help you keep your copier running, and one that has the experience and partners with one manufacturer can be a great value. Local authorized dealers will ensure that all parts and toner used in the repair and operation of eth copier are OEM extending your copier’s life and uptime.
A few essential items that your experienced dealer would know:
Kyocera printers contain ceramic drums that can last 300 – 600,000 impressions; this way, you can print more between maintenances.
Kyocera also offers a toner recycling program by providing boxes and return labels that can be used to put used toner cartridges into, including non-Kyocera toner as well. Once the box is full, you ship it off to Kyocera to be appropriately recycled.
Sustainability has become critical for businesses. Every company wants to lower its carbon footprint, and they can when choosing the right office copier. Sharp has several environmental initiatives, including collecting, reusing, recycling toners, and Multifunction Printers.
Kyocera is also an environmentally great choice. Its office copier uses only recyclable styrofoam packing materials. The toner and cartridges, and bottles are recyclable and included in the Ecosys program making recycling easy. You don’t have to drop them off or ship them to Kyocera when the toner is out. Instead, throw it in the recycle bin when it’s at the end of its lifespan.
Kyocera’s black toner container becomes the waste toner collector
on color copiers.